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Pet Transport

Adventure & Travel!

...For your dog

Bookings Begin Sept 1, 2023

Pet Transportation

radius 350 miles from Chattanooga TN


Many families contact us for recommendations of a reliable and safe pet transport method. 

Air shipping?

No, thanks! Our dogs aren't luggage. 

Flight Nanny?

With the recent air traffic chaos? Ever been stuck in an airport with a dog or puppy? We have. We'll pass on that.

Road Trip?

...That has a ring to it. 


Finding healthy, happy, and fun ways for our out-of-town students (sometimes out-of-state!) to reach us has been a challenge for years. We know it's worse for families trying to find help in relocation with their pets! The stress that goes into a move or travel is bad enough, but add in a pet that needs to be taken from Point B to Point C is beyond a hassle. Who do you trust to travel with your pet? Who can you rely on to make sure your pet is as happy and relaxed as possible? 

Big cargo vans and crammed trailers don't sound very appealing to most families, including us. Unfortunately, "quantity over quality" is the name of the game for many industries, and Pet Transport isn't any different. Big operations can be convenient for some, but for many this industrial feel and the lack of in-depth canine knowledge of health and mental balance is enough to say, "No." 


With all this in mind and after several years of consideration, CC has decided to offer Pet Transport Services!


Transportation will be booked on a case-by-case basis. Ensuring we have a good group (or single pet) together happily is one of our top priorities. With the right new pals and a great "tour guide" we expect your dog to have tons of fun on his journey! 


With a team of experienced trainers and staff, we strive to provide your dog with knowledgeable expertise and a stress-free trip no matter how far we're going. We know that as a pet parent, you want your dog to be their best self and have the greatest time ever, and we aim to make that happen.


When you entrust your pet to us, know that we take this responsibility seriously. Whether you're relocating, buying a new pup, rescuing, or simply need a pet transported safely and happily for any reason, we've got you covered. Our rates are customized to the each route. We want to save you money if we're going through an area with lower gas prices! With this economy, we all need a little extra consideration when it comes to our budgets. 

Pricing for transport will be customized based on your various requests and your pet's needs. Base costs begin at $1/mile. Multi-dog households and group travel receive discounts. Considerations such as size and temperament will be taken discussed with you to ensure your pet is suitable for group transport, or if a private transport is preferred. Either way, your dog's going to have tons of fun! 


In addition to our standard services, we offer a range of options to personalize your pet's journey. Choose from

  • Free Roam Rides (safety belts available!)

  • Crated/Restricted Rides

  • Training Add-Ons

  • Adventure Time... where we take your pup on invigorating hikes for their mental and physical well-being), basic grooming, private transport, group transport, and more. We understand that each pet has unique comfort and needs, and we aim to tailor their travel experience accordingly, ensuring your peace of mind.


With Conyers Canines, we want you to be involved in your pet's journey every step of the way. We will be providing you with regular updates, photos, and videos of your pet's adventures en route. You can comfortably watch them as they make their way home to you knowing they're with professionals who can ensure they're having a great time while being safe and secure. 


Please note that space availability is based on itinerary and customized travel needs. If you're interested in our pet transport services, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Allow us to make your pet's trip a seamless and enjoyable experience.


Contact us today to discuss your pet's travel arrangements!


Trust Conyers Canines for exceptional pet transport services. We always put your pet's safety and happiness first.

Costs & More Info

Costs are customized to your destination and pet's size and disposition. Pricing begins at $1/mile. 

Transport Trips are booked with a 350 mile radius of Chattanooga, TN.

Pets transporting must be up to date with age-appropriate vaccines. Please discuss with us if you'd like additional consideration for alternative health protections. 

You may select a Private Ride or select a Group Ride. 

If a group ride is selected, you will be able to see who your dog is traveling with prior to your pick-up date!

Puppies are permitted on transport trips so long as they are 8+ weeks old for solo trips, and 7+ weeks old for group trips with siblings. Puppy trips are held in special consideration for extra health and safety practices. 

Bookings are preferred several weeks prior to your scheduled trip, however we understand that sometimes things happen or there's short-notice travel. If you're short on time, we might be able to help with our Express Booking options. 

For additional questions or more details, please write us via email or send us a text to schedule your consultation phone call. 

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