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Trained Golden Retriever

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Trained Puppy Program

2024 Now Taking Applications

AKC Golden Retriever Puppies available for adoption application!

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Board and TraiN

July 15, 2024


Now with local services offered in Tullahoma, TN & Surrounding Areas

Life doesn't stop at "Sit."

Conyers Canines is here to provide the education and services to help all dogs and their people reach new heights, and new places in life. 

Bring out the best in your dog. It may bring out the best in you, too. 

Training doesn't automatically make a puppy or dog more well mannered, social, or consistent and confident in their every-day life.

Obedience skills are wonderful and every dog in CC's programs get a first class education on the subject. But, it doesn't stop there. It can't stop there! Dogs are capable and deserving of learning so much more.

Helping a dog understand and communicate clearly with the world opens doors and opportunities for any dog and their people. 

Our graduates complete a total communication and perspective overhaul, so that the world around them and the people in it make more sense to them. By using a customized approach utilizing a dog's natural brain patterns, physical development and physiological linking, and direct learning environments, we can take "training" way past the basics. And, when it comes down to it, that's what most families really want. 

Our job is to make the world a bigger and more beautiful place for our dogs, and our human students, too. 

Whether you're interested in our Board and Train courses, any of our online courses, or you're looking to enroll in the Conyers Puppy Program, CC tries to provide as much education and support as possible for anyone who's looking for help or more information on pet training, animal behavior, and more. 

Please enjoy all the info on our site, and feel free to email or text us with any questions or to request a one-on-one phone or virtual call with CC's Lead Trainer, Aly.

Conyers Canines puppies are raised for families and individuals who truly want the classic dog in their life. 

What makes a dog "Classic"

Ours are dogs for those who want to live a life with a dog, not just to "have" a dog. We do not "have" dogs. 

Dogs are in our lives and part of our world, and it's up to us to make sure their life with us is as happy and fulfilling for them as they make ours. By giving your dog the foundation of quality and balanced learning as well as behavioral and physiological conditioning, you are setting them up for to experience the world in ways most dogs never have the chance to. 

A Conyers Canine should be able and willing to go with his or her family anywhere they're welcome, any time! No drama needed. No preparation necessary. Family camping trip? Yes! Road trip? Yep. Patio restaurant with some intense trivia games? Done! (Your CC dog won't even get upset when Uncle Jerry chucks a mustard tube when he gets the last question wrong at Trivia Tuesday.)

When challenges arise, as they are bound to in life, a Conyers Canine will handle things like stress, fear, and adrenaline in ways that help alleviate the initial biological responses these types of situations result in. That's to say: If your dog isn't
sure about something or is afraid, she's been behaviorally conditioned to seek stability and guidance from you -- rather than to succumb to basic, undeveloped canine impulses. 

A fulfilled mind brings out the best in our dogs, and we can show you how and why it matters. 

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Arlo is ready for his mini-camping trip!

Meet Arlo! He graduated LVL III with Classic Canines in August 2018. He lives in Virginia with his best friend!

Learn more about Arlo and other CC Graduates here. 

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