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The Methods of Our Programs

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We're here for you, and your dog too!  

Learn with us to help your dog communicate clearly and live their best life with your family!


Pets add unconditional love, happiness, and adventure to our daily lives and we adore them for it. Dogs have a special place within our human history, and in our hearts. They are our friends, our protectors, our family members.


When it comes to deciding on any one dog, how do you choose? There are literally thousands of dogs to choose from. What questions do you need to ask a breeder? What do you need to look for at a rescue? 

The questions go on, and although the Internet as provided an avenue to a LOT of information to help you along, this process can be overwhelming. 

Overwhelm is probably not what you were hoping for when looking for a pup or dog to bring home... We get it. 

We're here to help you and your current or future pet navigate through the techniques, methods, and science behind dog training and how to cultivate the human/dog bond.

We teach dogs of all kinds, and their families, using today's latest in behavioral science and training techniques. Programs at Conyers Canines do not center around the idea that, "Obedience is the key to all dog training."

Our unique blended methods utilize our knowledge and experience to show dogs what natural behaviors they can use to communicate with humans. 

Communication is the key to all peaceful and loving relationships - and that includes the relationship with your dog! In most cases of a "disobedient dog" or worse, "A bad dog!" are the results of confusing or conflicting communication between the dog and his or her family. 

Because dogs can find and "listen" to some of the most minute body language and interaction with humans (a trait unique to them out of all the animal world), it's very easy for a family to be unaware of what they're communicating and when. We understand that you love your dog and you want the best for him... But it's easy to become frustrated when it seems like he simply will not listen to you. 

Don't get stuck in unhealthy communication cycles with your dog - Let us help! 

Whether you're enrolling in Board and Train, our Conyers Rescue Program (Sept. 2022), or you're one of the lucky families to receive a CC Trained Puppy, we'll teach you how to understand your dog's individual needs and quirks in order to learn more about her!


The more you're able to know and understand about your pet, the closer and healthier your relationship becomes. You're able to take your dog just about anywhere with you, because you know she'll look to you for guidance and understanding while being out and about in the confusing human world. 


Helpful technology allows us to keep you up-to-date on your dog or puppy's training - not to mention all their adventures - while they're enrolled with CC! 

CC provides a variety of services, and if we don't have the means to help you and your pet, that's ok - We'll help you find who can.


We believe no one trainer or behaviorist has all the answers to every behavior or task, so if you don't see what you need within our offered services, please write us to request some help in finding the right professional or organization for you. 


Be sure to check out Conyers on social media to follow the daily fun and adventures the CC classes have - Puppies in training, Service Dogs, visiting boarders or board and train students: See all their happy faces and learn more about Conyers Canines!   


Learn more about Conyers Canines' staff, our dogs, or contact us to inquire as to how we can help you bring a clearer understanding to your current or future canine companion. 

"Before you get a dog, you can't quite imagine what living with one might be like; afterward, you can't imagine living any other way."

Carolina Knapp

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