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Conyers Canines proudly offers quality local, nationwide, or virtual/online learning for our families and students. In effort to offer accessible and affordable learning for all, we've expanded our service options to be helpful in whatever way you may learn best. And remember, regardless of what program you graduate from, you're part of the CC family for life! That means we're always here to support you and your pet; our lessons don't stop just because class is over.

Now with services in Tullahoma, TN!

Local Services in Chattanooga & Tullahoma

Expanding our local reach, we're bringing our well established and successful programs with us! We can't wait to grow our community once again.

For information on local services currently offered, please click the service of interest below, or write us directly for more info. We'd be happy to hear from you, Neighbor!

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Nationwide, Virtual and Online Services

Trained Puppy Programs

This is more than obedience training. This is teaching your new puppy about life, communication, and how they find their best selves at home with you.


Go beyond "Sit!" and the leash. We know you want your dog to enjoy life to the fullest, and so we've made the program to give them all the foundations needed for a well-rounded, mature dog who can take on the world with you! 

Our pups are those who you remember forever as the Classic Dog. What dogs learn in early-life they keep forever. 

Puppies enrolled in LVL I - LVL III are trained at CC's home location and then brought directly to you at home by our Lead Trainer. To ensure safe travel, a smooth transition home, and to get some practice of all your new skills with your pup, at-home delivery makes a difference! 

Virtual Puppy Classes

HBPuppies begin learning the moment they open their eyes. By the time they get home, they've already learned a LOT. But how do you teach them once they're home, when you can't bring them to a class due to age?


Online Classes! Or, online sessions, really. No groups necessary, just you and your pup. Sign up for weekly or daily sessions, follow along with online courses and meet with your trainer any time via video, text, or call.  

Virtual Puppy Classes are currently in their initial trial-run enrollments. We are accepting limited students on a rotating basis until Open Enrollment begins later this year. 

Board and Train

Our longest running and most popular program, we're thrilled to reopen enrollment for summer 2023. 

Board and Train offers a new learning environment for your dog, allowing us more flexibility in teaching new skills and behaviors. 

While students learn with us, families are encouraged to learn at home as well! Families are provided with update videos as well as training manuals written specifically for this program. You'll learn more about dog psychology, communication, instincts, and even a bit of biology! 

Daily photos and videos are available for you in your pup's Google Folder, which will contain all the media from their stay with us, as well as all training notes and videos. You can access this folder any time during or after enrollment. 

When it's time to graduate, you and your dog will receive a 1 hour private session to practice all that you both learned during class. And don't forget, if you would like a follow-up session here, they're no cost to graduates. 

Graduates also get discounted prices for boarding and higher level training after graduation. 

We only offer 2-4 enrollments for Board and Train a month so that each dog gets the quality time they deserve, and you do, too! 

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