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Conyers Canines 
Home of the Classic Puppy Program

Est. 2012 - Thru a pandemic and beyond! 

Conyers Canines was named in honor of the family and love that created the foundation CC is built on. Having been taught much of her fundamental skills of dog training during childhood from her father, Ken Conyers, Aly chose the name was to acknowledge one thing: CC is a family made, owned and operated business

Family is our priority here. Whether you and your dog or future dog are a family of two, or if your household overflows with kids of all ages and their friends, family is different for everyone. But, one thing that is always the same: Family is something meaningful for all of us. 

When welcoming a new pet into your home, you're bringing a new family member to love! It is a life-time commitment to that pet, and Conyers Canines is no different. Our pups and dogs who graduate any one of our programs become part of our CC family. And, so do you! We don't simply send your Conyers Canine home to you and say, "Ok, bye! Good luck!" 

Our love for the pups we raise and teach, and the bond we share with the families we work with, never fades. We're there for you and your Conyers Canine any time you need us - whether it's been 2+ years since your puppy came home and you have new questions about a fun hobby with your dog, or if it's still months before your pup enrolls in class, we always want our CC Family to know that we're here; all you have to do is write, call, text, or follow us online! 

As puppies grow and learn new things in life, CC's behavioral conditioning and in-depth training provide their families with an array of great skills and tools to utilize. And, better yet, those skills we teach you - the human - aren't just applicable to your Conyers Canine. The lessons in animal psychology, training, and enrichment can be used to interact with, help, and raise dogs throughout your life! 

Our goal is to share knowledge; to share the thrill for every day that dogs show us; to provide for each other, our pups, and our community as a whole. Helping others learn about the amazing animals at our sides can help us connect both ourselves and others to the natural world. This connection is vital to our future in this world - and we believe that dogs can help us remember how to reconnect with our natural selves, and maybe disconnect from the busy and sometimes stressful daily life. Dogs can help us find the quiet between our human world and the adventure and grace of nature around us. 


Remember that what you learn here with Conyers Canines is not only what comes from text books and how-to's. The knowledge and skills we share are those we've gathered from years of experience and adventure doing what we love most: Helping dogs and people better understand each other. We believe in evidence-based theories and techniques, many of which we've developed and practiced right here at CC over the years! 


The future holds a bright world of possibilities for Conyers Canines - we want amazing individuals and families along with us for the exciting and never-ending journey. Together, we can find and teach the best methods and lessons that will help humans and their pets relate to each other and the greater world outside. 


Are you ready to join the CC family? 

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