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Virtual Puppy COACHING

The modern update to dog training, and it actually works! This new approach allows your trainer to be "on-call" as you go through the daunting phases of puppyhood. Get support, training, and education more than just 1 class a week. Having a trainer "in your pocket" is an amazing tool to have in puppyhood. CC has specialized in raising amazing, well-rounded pups since 2016. We'd be honored to help you raise your pup!

Space is Limited to Ensure Quality Attention to Every Student

How does it work? 

Once you've sent your enrollment request via our Bookings page or by contacting us directly, you'll be scheduled for your initial interview via text or email. 


Your interview is a short 15 minute-or-so video call with CC's Lead Trainer. In this meeting, we'll discuss your pup, your lifestyle, your goals, and what CC can offer or suggest in your program options. 

If you're approved for class and you're ready to enroll, you can select the program size that best suits your goals, and budget!


Packages begin at 4 hours for basic support and training: $125 *intro rate*


All packages are customized in length and complexity. 4 hours is the base level and is commonly a great start. For behavioral issues or more complex training, a curriculum for your dog will be created at various lengths based on your selection.

*Introductory Rates are offered to all enrolling students until Dec. 1, 2022.

When you're officially enrolled, you'll be able to make your own schedule. Our unique package program allows for customized and consistent training. No need to wait a week between classes. And you don't have to hold your new questions til the end of class! Instead, use the booking system to schedule Full, Standard, Mini, or Burst sessions. 

All programs come with offline learning as well, provided in written manuals, homework and practice for you and your pup, and more.


You also get exclusive Live Feed invites to watch Aly as she's training and taking questions from fellow students. These Live Feeds are free of charge for all enrolled students as part of their Puppy Coaching package. 

They're only puppies once...Make it count. 

Trained Golden Retriever Puppies Conyers canines


The best part about Virtual Puppy Training with CC's coaching program, you get to customize your training schedule with your trainer to give you more QUALITY time for your money. You can select any number of the offered training sessions for the hours in your course.


Example: You enroll for 8 hours of sessions. You choose to do 2 Full sessions, 4 standards, and 8 minis...and leave room for at least 1 burst session. Customize to optimize your learning! 

Mini: 20 minutes

Mini sessions are a GREAT way to have regular training session with your Puppy Coach. Schedule every day of the week if you want! These sessions are meant to reinforce, reward, and renew! 

Full Session - 45 - 60min

A full session includes training exercises, patterns, discussion, behavior and development panel, and more (based on your training goals and progress)

Burst Session

Struggling with a specific training task? Request a Burst session for a rapid-fire troubleshooting session with your coach. Ideal for when new, unpleasant, behaviors appear (as they do all the time in puppyhood!).

Standard: 30-45min

An average weekly session for updates, new training exercises, practice, and advancement.

What are some things you learn in Puppy Coaching?

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We can't wait to talk to you about your pup!

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