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Gilly and her puppies


We're excited to announce Gilly and Levi's first litter was born January 22, 2024. Gilly delivered 2 girls and 5 boys.  

Parents are health screened and selected specifically for their gentle and calm disposition. Pups are AKC Registrable.

We do not permit Waiting Lists for puppies. We prefer to accept applications after puppies have been born and we've completed our Puppy Aptitude Testing at around 5-6 weeks old. We then select families based on the puppies themselves, the families as we learn more about them and their lifestyles, and training goals. If you'd like to be added to our contact list to receive an announcement when the puppies are born, please write us! 


Our Trained Puppies over the years have been amazing in a multitude of fields whether it be as pets; Therapy Dogs in hospitals, funeral homes, schools, and more; Service Dogs specializing in PTSD and Psychiatric Service. 

More videos and photos are available on our social media pages! 

Puppies Currently Available! 

The Wonder Pups Litter
Born 1/22/24
2 girls, 5

Mr Silver 


LVL II Graduation on May 16, 2024

Recommended for Specialty Work

Sully is a sensitive and intelligent little guy. Among his siblings, he scored highest on our aptitude testing in the category of support or service dog. Sully loves to play, but he really just wants to snuggle with you. He'll love going on walks with his family as a confident and responsive pup. Like all our graduates, Sully will have extensive experience in public settings so that he may have a head-start on any specific specialty training later. Sully is definitely a special boy and has always been the most affectionate of the boys in this group. While Mr. Black definitely does rival him on that now, we don't think we could say he totally caught up to Sully yet. 

We feel Sullivan will be a great pet or service animal. Particularly, we believe he'd be best suited for forms of support in places such as nursing homes or hospice care, victim advocacy programs, funeral and grief support, etc. I'd be happy to discuss all of Sully's potential and more about his personality with potential families! 

Mr Blue Wonder Pups LVL III

Mr. Green


LVL II Graduation


 May 16, 2024


Mr. Green may be our smallest boy, but he's definitely got one of the biggest personalities!

His high confidence and intelligence makes him an amazing student and he excels quickly in learning anything we have for him to learn. He loves games to play together, and he can also entertain himself... Which is super convenient in a busy lifestyle or home! Gulliver doesn't mind, and he'll be sure to let you know when he has to go out and potty. This guy likes to stay clean! Unlike his siblings...

 Mr. Green is independent and has a strong curiosity, which gives him a sense of adventures his siblings don't always share. This little guy will do amazing in any family, but we feel he may do best with someone who can truly be "his". He bonds heavily and would love to have his very own person. He's great with his social skills and has learned all his basics very quickly, like the rest of the crew! He's often the pup to wait until the others have all gotten their excitement and pets out of the way when greeting us before he comes over; he likes the one-on-one attention. Mr. Green is always the pup who's ready to come out and say, "Good morning!" every day. He's an adorable pup who will be an amazing addition to any family lucky enough to bring him home. 

Mr Green LVL II Wonder Pups Litter

The Wonder Pups!

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Inquiries will receive our Enrollment Application within 24 hours. Applications are processed and then selected for initial phone consults or video visits. Families/individuals will be selected for puppies who best suit their personalities and lifestyle.

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