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Beginning February, 2022

Classic Canines is proud to add our efforts to the life of dogs in need of a gentle place to stay, to heal, to learn to trust again, and to find their home at last. 

Rescue - Heal - Teach - Home

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Classic's Rescued Canines










Every dog has a future, no 

matter what their past was.


Hope for their future.

Rescue: Eligible dogs in-need will be evaluated and shared with our CC donors.

Heal: Selected dogs for enrollment will go to CC where they can heal in body and mind with the help of our trainers and behaviorist. In the beautiful mountains, we will help each dog regain trust, understand love, and conquer their past.

Learn: All Rescued Canines will receive no less than 4 weeks of rehabilitation and lessons to help them understand humans and their future family - Who will learn all about their new dog in a unique, in-depth course of their own. 

Home: Each month, graduates will go home to their families, being personally walked to their new door by our founder, who stays for introductions and lessons. 

Classic's Rescue Canines will act as the "recovery" program for abandoned, stray, and dumped dogs. Using not only our amazing at-home facility in the mountains of Utah, but also our unique ability to travel with our students, Classic will reach new communities, help more families, and free as many dogs as we can from homelessness, abuse, and neglect. 

NO puppy deserves to grow up in a cage.

NO dog is without a future. 

We believe our program can benefit dogs and humans alike. Families who are seeking to adopt a homeless dog may find themselves overwhelmed with the choices, the behaviors, and the heartbreaking past stories. Around 1 in 3 dogs who are adopted are returned to the shelter due to behavioral issues. When adopting from the Classic's Rescued program, families will be approved for adoption based on the behavioral evaluation of each dog, the suitability of the family and home, as well as the severity of the case in question. 

Adoptions will be approved with no required fees - Although we do ask for any donation amount possible, as without donations, we can't continue the program. 

Become a Sponsor or Donor

When donating to Classic's Rescues, you will receive a "Thank you!" gift from one of the dogs you've helped to save. Follow along with the classes you've donated to and see your generosity in-action as dogs and puppies are freed from cages and begin to learn about life, love, and humans. 

You may elect to be a Sponsor! Sponsors will be any individual who donates $150 or more. This is the average cost of the rescue fee for a dog to come to us. When you become a sponsor, you'll be invited to the private CC Rescues Community App, gain access to unseen footage of rescues, training, and enrichment, as well as receive a free copy of The Classic Dog, a book written by our founder. 

To help spread the word, gain supporters, and reach more in need, Classic is also launching a 30 minute podcast to be shared every week. Episodes will discuss common training and behavior traits and techniques, hot dog topics, and more. We will share the podcast subscription link as soon as we have it. Until then, please follow our social media pages for updates on this exciting new program! 

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