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  • Where is Classic Canines located?
    Our main office is located about 45 minutes southwest of Salt Lake City, UT. We also have a "mobile" office as of May 2019! Learn more about Classic's Camping Canines by following the "Classic" link on our home page. Or you can write us directly!
  • How do I get a Classic Puppy when I live far away?
    We offer various forms of transportation for your pup to arrive safely home to you and your family! Choose from safe, secure solo travel with Delta - Classic handles all booking and detailed information so that you at home can focus on what's important: Your new pup! Flights can be scary though, and it's stressful for us humans on the ground waiting, too! So, at CC, pups may also be escorted by CC staff to their final destination. Some age and training requirements must be met in order to qualify for in-cabin flight if dogs are over a certain size (varies by airline). Typically, any pup who has completed LVL II and higher is qualified for an escorted journey home! Alternatively, you may request to have our Lead Trainer and Founder, Aly, bring your pup straight to you! With our Classic Camping Adventures beginning in May 2019, we can often arrange for pups to travel with their whole class! Get updates and fun photos/videos along the way, or meet us to join in! Upon arrival home, you and your pup will have a private training session to practice all those skills you learned about in your training manuals and videos! You can also choose to come pick up your Classic Pup - Pick-ups are always wonderful! But, it's ok if you can't make it all the way to our Utah office. That's why we offer options!
  • Can I come visit?
    Absolutely! We love having our CC families visit any time - before, during, or after your CC Pup is in class. You're welcome to come hang out with Aly and the CC crew any time whether you're already enrolled in an upcoming class, or if you're still considering enrollment. We just ask that you request an appointment so Aly is on-site when you arrive to meet you. You can request a visit same-day or well in advance! Email us, set an available appointment, or shoot us a text for easy confirmation.
  • What breeds do you offer in your Trained Puppy Program?
    Classic accepts enrollment of all breeds! We have no restrictions for considered canine students. As long as the breed you're requesting is suitable for your family and lifestyle, we're happy to seek out the right pup for you - one from a healthy lineage, a responsible and humane breeder, and who has the personality that fits yours!
  • When will I get my Classic Puppy?
    Classic Canines is a highly sought-after service. Our reputation for responsible and sensible training and behavioral management keeps our inbox and application forms full! On average, a family applying for a pup can anticipate their puppy's arrival at home to be about 6 months away. At times, Classic offers already trained pups who are ready to head home soon! To add variety to our services and to reach as many families as we can, CC Founder Aly decided to maintain an ongoing rotation for pups-in-training to include those who are already adopted upon their enrollment, and those who will be listed for adoption within 3-4 weeks of their estimated graduation date. We always encourage interested applicants to inquire on current pups in training - we may be teaching your future little one right now!
  • Will my Classic Pup be spayed/neutered when they arrive home?
    All pups who leave Classic Canines to go home are vetted-to-age. That means they have all age-appropriate vaccines and medications/preventatives. If your pup will be six months or older at the time of arrival home, you may request that he or she is neutered/spayed prior to arrival. Reproductive alternation procedures are a hotly debated topic within the animal community at this time. We're happy to discuss with you all the various opinions, evidence, and on-going debates regarding this topic. Any medical procedure should be committed to only after plenty of information-gathering and questions to be answered, so please don't hesitate to ask us anything about the importance, inherient risk, and the safest techniques and technology.
  • I have a dog who needs training - Can you help?
    Classic Canines began its programs in 2012 specifically to address behavioral problems with dogs that families already had at home. While we continue to expand, we never want to lose sight of the incredible need many families find themselves in when bringing new pets home, or in working with a pet they've had for years. CC accepts Board and Train students on a case-by-case basis and subject to availability. Please contact us about your dog's training or behavioral modification needs. If we don't have a place in class for him/her, we'll help you find someone who does! Board and Train programs are custumizable in length and detail. The minimum length of a Board and Train student is 10 days. This is often sufficient to teach common tasks and behaviors like obedience, polite interactions, etc. More detailed programs are provided for those in need of more in-depth animal training or psychology.
  • Will my Classic Puppy be fully potty trained?
    Ah yes, the potty training! It's one of the biggest challenges of bringing puppies home, isn't it? If your Classic Pup is LVL II or higher, your pup is potty trained! If you've selected a LVL I program, your puppy will be what we call "Potty Conditioned". That means that your pup knows the outdoors is where the puppy potty area is, but because LVL I pups go home around 12 weeks old, they've only just begun to have full control over their bladders and bowels! So, it's important to keep to the provided schedule, food and water schedule, and best potty practices that Classic Canines' staff will provide to you before your pup arrives home. It's important to remember that when a puppy changes households - from ours to yours - it can cause stress and some anxiety. These responses can in-turn cause a pup to have more frequent potty needs, or an upset tummy! CC always recommends that you take special care in providing your Classic Pup with outside time during the first 72 hours. You'll learn more about the importance of those first 72 hours within your training manuals - this is a phase we call "Setting the Precedent".
  • I'm not local, but I want to enroll my dog in a Board and Train Program - Can I do that?"
    Of course! For years, Classic Canines has happily accepted students from near and far for our Board and Train program. Contact us and we'll help you review your enrollment status and travel options.
  • My dogs need care while I'm away - Can they board with CC?
    Classic Canines is thrilled to share our amazing "puppy shire" with others! If your dog is in need of a comfortable, happy, exciting place to stay while you're out of town, let us know! IF we have availability, we'd be happy to add your pet to the CC fun-tivities each day while you're away! Families who choose CC as their trusted pet caretaker will receive daily updates of their pet - these include adorable photos and videos of your pet having a blast at "camp!"
  • Do you provide doggy daycare?
    At this time, we do not yet offer regular doggy daycare reservations. We expect to have available daycare programs in 2020! Until then, consider our Classic Adventures - your dog's walk being full of fun, exercise, and even learning! Click the "Classic Adventures" link on our home page, or just write us/text us! Classic Adventures is restricted to local residents of Salt Lake and Utah County at this time. Please write us if you are from another area and have interest in this program - knowing where other interested families are can help us adjust and provide available scheduling in your area!
  • What is "Classic Adventures" dog walking?"
    Your dog's walk, but better! We know that you have a busy schedule, and maybe you're not able to get home to your dog through the workday. But, don't let that hold your dog back from having a great day anyway! Classic Adventures has been designed to provide not just an average dog-walking service, but a canine adventure! When you sign up for Classic Adventures, a CC staff member will schedule your dog within our weekly schedule; CC staff will visit your home and take your dog on a fun, educational, and exciting adventure! For an hour or more, your pet can enjoy his/her time with our professional CC staff for a play and train session! You'll receive photo/video updates, notifications when staff arrives and departs, and if your pet needs to be fed, watered, or provided with medication, we can do that too! Just write us to inquire about availability.
  • How much does a Classic Puppy cost?
    On average, adoptions costs are as follows: LVL I: $4000 LVL II: $5500 LVL III: $6500 - $8000 These prices are the average for those adopting a trained AKC American Golden Retriever. While breed cost does vary a bit, we've found that with the exception of select breeds (many Doodles as well as French Bulldogs, champion lineage pups, etc) the rates listed cover costs for some 95% of our Classic adoptions. The flat-fee system we utilize at CC helps to keep things stream-lined for you at home. Rather than receiving multiple invoices for various nickles and dimes to pay for vetting, flights, etc, this flat-rate simplifies the process so you can focus on your future pup! If CC goes over budget due to increase in flight cost, a pup is recommended who is outside of the budget estimate, or if a sudden vet visit is needed that wasn't budgeted for - you DO NOT pay for it! We do. It's our job to manage not just the students here, but the cost of all services. If we go over budget, that's on us - not you! We will never add costs to your adoption later, except in the case of you requesting an additional service, length of program, or regionally-needed medication or vaccine. Also included in your adoption cost: Training Manuals (approx. 102 pages of written material - 20 of those are written specifically for you and your pup, and not just as an overall program manual.) Training Videos - Learn CC methods visually through our training videos over the years, and with videos of your pup as he/she grows and learns. Video Sessions - Video training sessions via Skype or Facetime both before and after your pup arrives home are incredibly helpful to troubleshoot miscommunications, share successes, and add new tasks to your training routine! Vetting Costs - All pups are vetted to age before heading home! Transportation - To fly a puppy, the airline needs a pre-flight health certificate, air-approved crate with 2 containers attached for water and food, food supply, and more. As you can imagine, this can get a little spendy and complicated! But, don't worry. CC takes care of all of this for you. Delivery - If you choose to have your pup delivered to you, CC does NOT charge for the staff hours dedicated to this service. So, if you request your pup to be delivered, there's no "special" charge -- just a slight increase to cover the cost of the plane ticket or mileage. At CC, we understand money doesn't grow on trees. Oh, we wish it did! It's been our goal since the beginning to provide affordable, high-quality animal behavior and training services. Within the field of trained dogs and puppies, you'll find our associated adoption costs come in remarkably lower than many. Why? We keep a small, focused staff who absolutely love what they do. Without a massive staff or an overly-expensive facility to lease, CC manages to keep our costs low...Helping us reach as many families as possible!
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