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Virtual Puppy Coaching

The Safe, Convenient Way to Train your Puppy from Day 1! 

What can you accomplish with Virtual Puppy Coaching? A LOT!


This program is totally customized to what you need and what your goals are. While we're here to help you teach your puppy the basics of obedience, it doesn't stop there.


Virtual Puppy Coaching brings new topics to puppy families as their puppy develops. You can contact your trainer at any time, request mini or burst sessions, and customize your training schedule to fit your lifestyle - AND your puppy's learning curve. 

All puppies develop and learn differently. That's why this program is so unique in that we can schedule and complete sessions based on your successes, challenges, and changes at home. 

Stay in touch with your trainer via text, phone, email, or video calls even in-between official sessions! By booking a package of time, you can space your dedicate trainer time conveniently. 

Sessions can vary in length depending on your needs and requests. Sign up for 8 hours of training and break those 8 hours up into whatever works best for you. 1 hour sessions? Great! Mini sessions of 30 minutes, wonderful! Those are usually super helpful for people and their dogs! Or, schedule burst sessions where your Lead Trainer can (literally) coach you through a 10-15 minute training session with your puppy. 

This program is meant to be as convenient and as affordable as possible. Request to book this service and we'll customize your plan to fit your lifestyle and budget. The most important thing is to ensure the pups are being taught their obedience, manners, social skills, and more based on their progress and your achievements. No single program will be the same as another, and we think that's how training is supposed to be! 

This program is currently being offered at introductory rates. Contact us today or request to book your consult session. 

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