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Adventure and Learning
More than just a walk

Dogs and Movement

A dog loves to move, we know that! But why? 

Instincts tell a dog that he's meant to move...a lot! His evolution as a species descended from wolves in the wild, and some of those very deeply ingrained instincts are still there - like the instinct to travel.


A dog's fulfillment rests largely upon the satisfaction of his instincts, as her breed and as a species, and when that fulfillment is not reached, many dogs will display unwanted behaviors: destructive play, over excitement, challenges in both learning and interacting with humans and other animals, apparent "disobedience" or poor manners, etc.  While this "wanderlust" isn't the complete answer to a dog's mental balance (fulfillment), it definitely plays a huge role in a dog's mental and social welfare.

Classic Canines advocates for the fulfillment of all dogs in their lifestyles, but we know not everyone is able to take their dog on an exciting adventure every day. You have a lot of responsibilities in your daily life, and sometimes that doesn't allow for the kind of dedicated exercise your dog truly needs. Dog walking services are a great way to help get your pet exercise when you're unable to. But, we don't stop there! 

Our exclusive Classic Adventures program includes not just a walk around the block. You can choose what's best for your dog: A training and walking session in your neighborhood; a wilderness hike close to home, or even an afternoon of play and fun here at CC Utah with our puppies! Let your dog experience the thrill of adventure, of learning, and of finding new things to understand in this world. 

Like all of our programs, Classic Adventures is customizeable to fit you and your dog. If you'd like us to help your dog understand that the leash is not meant for hauling you through the neighborhood, we can do that! If you know your dog loves to swim, we'll take her to the lake with our class! Pets who love to play with other dogs can be accompanied not just by CC staff on their adventure, but any or all of our CC pups and dogs! And, of course, your pet will be learning how to socialize and adventure safely with the group. 

Available within Salt Lake and Utah counties, we're so excited to offer this service to you! See our availability schedule below, and contact us to get your dog started on weekly adventures with Classic Canines! 

Outside of our service area? Write us anyway! With enough interest in various areas, we can expand our range. If we can't offer our service for you, then we'll help you find someone who can provide walking and exercise services. 

All Classic Adventures are recorded and available for viewing to participants' families. CC staff will notify you when they arrive at your home, provide photos during the fun, and send a short summary of the day's adventure to you when they drop your dog off at home. What could be better than knowing your dog is having fun, being well-cared for, and is safe? Oh, and he's learning new skills and adding tons of enrichment to his daily routine - creating a more balanced mentality for your pet to enjoy and share with you when you come home. 

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