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Why Puppy Coaching is the Modern Family's Best Training Option for Puppies

What do you want to teach your puppy?


That’s a good reliable one!

Now, do you want to teach your dog HOW to sit? No. Every puppy already knows how to sit down.

We want to teach your puppy to S-I-T when we tell them to. Right? Right!

But, then what?

Will your puppy understand that the behavior Sit can accomplish a lot in their world? Not automatically, no. They can't just know that. All they've learned in obedience class is to Sit upon command. That's a great skill!

With Puppy Coaching, we apply those basic skills to real life. We can teach puppies how to use a simple behavior like Sit to replace unwanted and ineffective behaviors!

They sit to ask for attention, rather than jumping or mouthing.

They sit next to you when they're nervous, rather than crumpling and trying to hide behind you (causing their anxiety to increase based on their own body movements).

They go to "Place" when they want their afternoon snack, or when the family is sitting down for dinner.

They know that "Down" is what gets them the best belly scratches, rather than the wild, overexcited wriggling and rolling many puppies do naturally.

By using behaviors that we teach our puppies to replace unwanted and negative behaviors, we clear the way for clearer and more absorbable information for your pup. And, trust me, when you don't have to keep telling your puppy, "No!" every few minutes, you'll see the shocking difference in your own communication and feelings towards your growing pup.

With the new Virtual Puppy Coaching program, we can go way beyond the basic training. We take "Training" and apply it to the communication skills your puppy will use throughout their life.

More: Virtual Puppy Coaching makes the most out of the most important phase of your dog's learning. Because puppies develop so quickly and learn so much in just days, waiting a week between classes isn't as effective as convenient video sessions that can be scheduled in your free time and be used as ways to exercise your puppy throughout the week!

By having access to me, your trainer, 100% of the time for your enrollment, you don't have to wait a whole week for the next lesson, troubleshooting, or for new behaviors to be addressed.

With consistent, quality coaching and training, you'll be able to develop a solid communication pattern with your puppy within days. Yes, I really mean it. And with puppies, communication is the key to your success.

Virtual Puppy Coaching is new, for sure. And so are some of the ideas and topics we discuss in your course. Because, like I say, we’re going beyond dog training. This course is about learning for a fuller life with your dog.

Make the world bigger, for you and your dog. Sign up today and schedule your enrollment interview.

Learn more about Puppy Coaching, how our unique scheduling options work, and more here.

I'm so excited about this new program. Spaces will be limited so I can give direct and focused attention on every student.

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