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Conyers Canines maintains a family dynamic, both within our staff and with our clients. Our dogs are truly raised by our family for yours! 

Take a moment to get to know us! 
So happy to be back with my lil' babies!

Alyson Conyers

Owner/Founder & Lead Trainer

Aly is our Lead Trainer and Animal Behaviorist. She will be your first contact with us, and will always be the one you talk to when you have questions or would like details about your student. 

While experienced in large animals, exotics, and marine life, Aly chooses to focus on her first love: Dogs. They are our companions, our protectors, and our family members. Aly believes our dogs are often underestimated, and hopes to expand the knowledge and awareness of canine welfare and possibilities throughout many different fields of expertise. 

For Aly, beginning Classic Canines was not simply a career choice. Her work is a part of who she is, and she feels incredibly fortunate to be able to help families and their loving pets better understand each other.  


Anna Romney

Assistant Trainer

Anna has loved dogs ever since she was very little. She now has her dream job working with the dogs at Classic Canines and has been a vital part of our team since August 2018.


Her favorite part of her work at CC is the daily hike with the dogs in the peaceful mountains, and (of course) playing with the puppies. She is in the process of getting her veterinary technician certification and hopes to continue working in the dog training field as she moves forward in her career. 

"Working at CC has helped me define and focus on my passion in life; it's helped me find what direction I want to go in the future."

Woman Sitting on Desk

Hannah Rose

Administrative Assistant

Hannah has been with CC since the very beginning! She is the magic behind the computer screen, helping to coordinate adoptions, schedules, and incoming students. She is always here to provide you with answers to your questions, or can put you in touch with the training team. 

Hannah loves to snuggle any of the puppies, and has a few pets of her own as she continues through school and helps in finding homes for pets who need loving families. 

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